Levona Hunter

Drifting in and out of consciousness,
hair hung between this world and the next,
the gadji’s heart brodies and arrests.
Bright of day flows into nothingness
as the kinker’s here-and-now quivers
and, then, stands still.
Only to be shocked back onto life’s slackline,
tricklining drop knee along the wire,
surfing sideways to Buddha sit
cross-legged in life review.
The circus crowd looks on in awe—
marveling as the aerialist contorts to spin her web,
iron jawed and rosined up.
Skywalking the wire of second chances,
no First of May, she styles, smiles,
antes up and reinvents herself.

Levona Hunter is a retired Academic Advisor and ELL instructor for the Killeen (Texas) Independent School District. Levona received her graduate degree from Arkansas State University in 18th Century, Neo-Classic, and Romantic Poetry with special concentrations in Rhetoric and Second Language Acquisition. Her poetry appears in such literary magazines as Kansas Quarterly and Up Against the Wall, Mother.... Levona Hunter lives in Fort Hood, Texas, with her husband, a retired Master Sergeant and high school geography teacher.